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Self Discipline For Students

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In life, self discipline plays a huge role for students. 

If a student works regularly on his day to day tasks, he will achieve the desired result he wants. 

If you are reading this blog, chances are you struggling with self discipline.

You want to concentrate on a task but you are getting distracted again and again.  

You sit to work on your assignments but after working for some time, your brain starts throwing excuses. Why? because our brain wants pleasure. Focusing on assignments for long hours is not pleasurable. When we work for long hours, we start to go out of our comfort zone. That is what you need to understand, our brain does not want discomfort.

Hence, you leave your assignments and procrastinate.

You want to be focused but for some reason you just cant, no matter how many times you try. 

Do not worry, in this blog, self discipline for students, I will explain self discipline thoroughly.

What is self discipline

First, you need to know what is self discipline then only you can master it.  

In simple words, self discipline means making yourself do the tasks that are necessary for you without getting distracted 

It is a state where you have full control over yourself, your actions, and you are not controlled by distractions like Facebook, Instagram etc. 

So, now that you know what exactly self discipline is, I’ll tell you the importance of self discipline for students. 

Importance of self discipline for students: 

In this blog, self discipline for students, this image indicates a person focusing to hit bull eyes. This tells us to hit your goal, we need to focus. We need to have self discipline to try again and again until we succeed

Let me explain this topic by a personal example, 

Back in my school days, I used to struggle with being disciplined. 

I still remember, In my school days, one of my goals was to revise my home science notes every day.  

Why did I have that goal? 

I had a habit of preparing for the exam in the exam month. 20 days before the exam date to be exact. I used to not study for the whole year but the exam month.

Therefore, during those 20 days, I felt very burdened. I was studying 10+ hours a day just to cover my syllabus. 

After the exam I realized, if I had studied 30-45 minutes every day, I wouldn’t have taken so much stress during those 20 days.  

I would had covered my syllabus in 3 months, which meant, I could do anything I wanted for the next 9 months. 

That’s where the importance of self discipline comes into the picture.

This story of mine tells us, if I was disciplined enough, i would not be stressing in my exam month. I would be at ease.

For students, self discipline is important because it takes away the burden of completing tasks before the last moment.

This brings us to our next topic how can self discipline for students be developed? 

How to develop self discipline? 

1. Build a routine: 

This image tells us, routine is one of the ways to develop self discipline for students

Routine is the foundation to develop self discipline.  

According to science, it takes 21 days to make something a habit. 

So if you do something over and over, every day for 21 to 66 days, It will become a habit. The habit will feel like breathing to you, you will automatically do the work without thinking about it. 

Let me explain this point by a practical example: 

As I mentioned in this blog previously, “I realized, if I had studied 30-45 minutes everyday, I would not have taken so much stress during the exam month.” 

I started revising my home science notes every day for 45 minutes. The first few days were very hard, I faced many distractions. I felt like giving up the routine but when I reached day 10, 45 minutes started to feel easy. 

After day 21st, I was revising for 45 minutes without getting distracted. The routine BECAME very easy to follow. 

2. Write down your goals 

In this article, self discipline for students, this image represents a person writing goals down. One may ask how to develop self discipline? I tell them writing goals down is one of the ways.

Writing the coming day’s goals helped me in my life drastically. I knew exactly what I had to accomplish the next day.   

However, in the beginning, when I started writing goals, I couldn’t complete all of my goals because self discipline was still not there.  

That is where you got to understand self discipline takes time. 

Writing goals helped me to save a lot of time which went in deciding “what do I have to do today?”  

Also, I stayed a lot more focused when I wrote down my goals for the day.

Remember, self discipline takes time, and writing your goals will gradually build discipline 

Get my point?

3. Give yourself rewards 

In this blog, self discipline tips for students, this image represents a lady enjoying after a long study session to avoid burnout. This tip is also important which will help to build self discipline

In this blog’s topic, self discipline for students, there was a need to include this point.

Giving yourself rewards will not only help you to avoid burnout but also will give you the motivation to work.

Let me give you a practical example: 

For me, when I was in school, after studying for 45 minutes, I used to take a 5-minute break where I would watch a youtube video or listen to a song. These two were something I loved doing. 

5-minute break not only made the 45 minutes of work endurable, but it also made me motivated to complete the task as soon as possible so I can do what I love. 

Students often ask me how to develop self discipline? 

I always tell them to follow a routine and endure the pain till it becomes a habit 

Some more useful self discipline tips for students:

4. Use your smartphone less 

5. Start small 

6. Don’t stop using your smartphone all of a sudden. 

What that will do is, you will have to fight your urges. Those urges come from a routine that you have done for several years.


 self discipline in students will only occur if students endure the discomfort of a new routine. There are no shortcuts/tricks for developing self discipline fast. You will have to endure the uncomfortable feelings in the first couple of days. Then, a time comes when your routine becomes a habit and you will enjoy the benefits of self discipline. Remember self discipline is a habit, nobody is born with self discipline.  

I hope you loved the information I provided in the blog.  

I write self improvement blogs everyday. So, stay tuned. 

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