In this blog, How to stop wasting time on youtube, this images shows a youtube icon so that readers can relate to what is being said.

How To Stop Wasting Time On Youtube

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If you are reading this blog, chances are you are spending a lot of time on YouTube and you want to know how to stop wasting time on YouTube.

First of all, you need to know, it’s not only you. Most of the world’s population is also struggling with YouTube addiction. YouTube is an addictive platform.

People don’t know how to get rid of YouTube addiction because most of the information present online is incomplete.

So, In this blog, I will teach you how to stop wasting time on YouTube and be more productive.

Let’s start…

But before I jump on to the main topic, you need to first understand the fundamentals.

The way our brain works:

Our brain loves comfortability. Our Brain likes to remain comfortable. It does not want discomfort.

If you carefully observe your actions for a day, you would notice, your actions are based on seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Brain’s nature is to avoid pain.

Also, pleasure is nothing but some chemicals your brain releases when you do something fun. This chemical is known as dopamine.

So, how to stop wasting time on YouTube?

Method 1: Keep distractions away from yourself.

In this blog, How to stop wasting time on youtube, this image represents a phone. Phone should be kept away. The activity will show you how to get rid of youtube addiction

Distractions can be anything. It can be your smartphone, you watching the tv, etc. You have to make distractions like your phone hard to reach.

Remember I told you that our brain avoids pain and seeks pleasure.

By making distractions hard to access, we are making it hard for ourselves to seek pleasure. And remember, the brain doesn’t want that.

Let me explain this by giving a practical example:

You are getting distracted by your brand new PS5. You want to play games on it all day. Also, You have held yourself back from playing on your PS5 but after some time or some days you will give in to the urges.

See, in this case, we are trying to leave our comfort zone, which is uncomfortable. And no matter how much pain you endure, at some point, you will give up. Our brain hates discomfort.

This is how I would solve this situation: I would sell my ps5 or maybe even smash it. Yes, this sounds silly but it really works. You won’t get urges to play games when there is no console. Even if you get them, you would have to buy a ps5 again which is a whole lot of pain in itself as there is money involved.

So, back to the topic, how to stop wasting time on YouTube.

You have to make it difficult for yourself to access YouTube. Log out of your account, use site blockers. So, when you get the urge to watch youtube, you would have to log back to your account, type in your password, get past all of the layers you set for yourself to access youtube.

Method 2: Write Goals by SMART method

In this blog, how to stop wasting time on youtube, this image indicates one should write goals if they want to know how to stop wasting time on the internet

Your question about how to stop watching YouTube indicates that you don’t have a clear goal. Which further tells me you have not written your goals.

Writing goals are very very important. If you have written your goals by SMART method, you won’t get distracted.

Now, what do SMART goals mean?

S in smart means Specific

M in smart means Measurable

A in smart means Achievable

R in smart means Realistic

T in smart means Time Bound

You have to write each one of your goals in a smart way. If you do it the correct way, your goal will be embedded in your head.

Mistakes to avoid:

1. “I want to earn a lot of money in 1 month”

Avoid writing goals like that. Its neither specific nor realistic. You won’t earn 10’s of millions of dollars in 1 month.

2. Write goals that you actually want to achieve

Sometimes we make goals that we don’t really want to achieve. One of the common reasons for writing them is pressure from parents. You need to understand, you will only give energy to your goals if you are really passionate about achieving them. So, write goals that you are passionate about.

This method will definitely teach you how to stop wasting time on YouTube as it helped me.

Method 3: Set Deadlines for yourself

In this blog, how to stop wasting time on youtube, one should set deadlines for himself. Setting deadlines will bring a sense of urgency which keep you away from wasting time on the internet.

Always set deadlines for each task you do. Setting deadlines will ignite the feeling of urgency in you which will help to eliminate procrastination.

Practical example:

Suppose you decide to watch youtube. Before watching videos on youtube you have to declare how much time you will be spending. Will it be an hour or will it be 2 hours. And also set an alarm for the decided break. So, when the alarm goes off, you’ll realize it’s time to work.

Note: This method will be more effective once you have done method 2.

The above methods will not only teach you how to get rid of YouTube addiction but also teach you how to stop wasting time on the internet.


People often ask how to stop watching youtube videos, how to get rid of youtube addiction. It’s simple, write goals down, it will redirect your focus to things you actually want. Keep distracting stuff hard to get when the urges come. And last but not the least, set deadlines for yourself so you can have a sense of urgency.

I hope you liked today’s blog. Please tell me what are your thoughts in the comments below.

I write self-improvement blogs everyday.

See you tomorrow.

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