In this blog, how to overcome fear in life, this image represents a person running away from his fear

How To Overcome Fear In Life

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This article contains proven steps that will teach you how to overcome fear in life.

People think about approaching their crush all the time but when it’s time to go and talk, they freeze. Their body and heart start racing. Their mind starts making excuses.

They start to think “what if this didn’t end well”, “what if she rejects me? “what if she tells her friends that I approached her?” I’ll be embarrassed in front of everyone” and these what-ifs never end.

People start to come up with all the ways that could go wrong, which makes them freeze and they end up doing nothing.

This is what we call fear of failure.

In this blog, I will teach you how to overcome fear in life by giving you the proven steps to overcome fear.

My Story Of Fear:

I am writing this story is to tell you that everyone has fears.

5 months back, I wanted to make new friends. I wanted to talk to strangers but I had a fear of joining their discord call. I was caring what other people thought.

Before joining the call, I started thinking “what if they kicked me out of the call, what if they didn’t like me, I don’t want to intervene in their private discussion” and all sorts of reasons.

Due to this, I froze up and dropped the idea of talking to strangers.

Later in this blog, I will tell you how I overcame this fear of being judged. But for now, let’s move on to our next topic.

Some of the common types of fears:

1. Fear Of Being Judged:

In this blog, How to overcome fear in life, this image represents fear of judgement.

You must have observed that some people when in social situations, act in an unnatural way. They feel uncomfortable expressing themselves in social situations.

They would avoid speaking in their normal tone, the reply to the questions asked to them would be short and they would shut down when in public.

This is what we call the fear of being judged. Chances are, You might have also caught yourself acting like this when you were little or maybe even now.

2. Fear of the unknown:

In this blog, How to overcome fear in life, this image represents fear of unknown.

Most of the people who work in a job, dream to run their own business. But they never take the step to leave their job, their comfort zone to start their own business.


because of the uncertainty, business takes years to generate money. The uncertainty of the time it takes to generate decent money or even some money holds them back.

That is what we call fear of the unknown.

3. Fear of failure:

In this blog, how to overcome fear in life, this image portrays a person thinking about fear of failure

Fear of failure is quite similar to the fear of the unknown.

People avoid taking risks because of the fear of failure. They want to ensure that their invested money is profitable. They don’t want to lose their money, which holds them back to take risks

Fear of failure holds people back to make crucial decisions in their life.

Similarly, there are many types of fears. If you want to discover more types of fears that I haven’t covered, check this article.

Steps To Overcome Fear:

1. Embrace the feeling of fear:

In the blog, how to overcome fear in life, this image represents a person embracing the feeling of fear. Embracing the feeling of fear is one of the exercises to overcome fear.

You have got to understand, Fear is a part of life, it is inevitable. And to know how to overcome fear in life, you have got to first embrace the feeling of fear.

Whenever you enter into a situation that is fearful, just embrace the feeling. Take the feeling.

Now you may ask what’s the point of taking the feeling?

The reason is fear is just an emotion. People who have built self-discipline, have embraced the pain. They exposed themselves to pain little by little, till their body got used to it.

When a person first joins a gym, his endurance of pain is very low but as time goes on, the body extends its comfort zone. The first 10 pushups which were hard for him feels easy now.

It’s the same with fear, If you keep on exposing yourself to the feeling of fear little by little, you will start to get used to it and eventually you’ll notice the things you feared are no longer fearful

2. Meditate

In this blog, how to overcome fear in life, this image represents a person meditating. Meditating is one of the exercises to overcome fear

Now, you might think why do we need to meditate to overcome fear. The reason is, meditation brings your focus back to the present.

When a person is in a fearful situation, he is lost in his thoughts. Meditation helps the person to come back to the present. You become a spectator of your thoughts, not your thoughts.

So, 30 minutes of meditation every day will help you a lot in the long run. I started seeing results after 20 days. I felt more present.


Meditation and embracing the feeling of fear are the exercises to overcome fear. They will teach you how to overcome fear in life.

I hope I helped you this article.

In this blog, I write self developments article every day. I will see you tomorrow with a brand new blog.

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