This image represents a man who dont know how to get out of a rut. he doesnt know how to get out of an unmotivated rut

How To Get Out Of A Rut Quickly

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So, you were hitting the gym consistently every single day but then…

You felt like taking a day off because you just didn’t feel like waking up to hit the gym.

You wanted to give yourself a break since you were being consistent everyday.

But the next day again, you didn’t wake up, you didn’t felt like going to the gym, you wanted more sleep.

And the cycle kept on repeating every day and now you are unmotivated to go to the gym or even do anything.

This is what we call a rut.

In this blog, I will teach you how to get out of a rut quickly.

So now, How to get out of a rut? or How to pull yourself out of a rut?

1. Know you are in an unmotivated rut:

This image shows a man who is in a rut. He doesnt know how to get out of a rut

First of all, you have got to realize that you are in an unmotivated rut and then only the thought of “how to get out of a rut” will come to your mind.

2. Start Small:

In this article, how to get out of a rut, this image explains how to break out of a rut by doing small tasks. These small tasks will build momentum

Now, that you have realized you are in an unmotivated rut, it’s time to break it.

And to break it, we have to build some constructive momentum by achieving small goals.

So, first, complete a task that requires less effort. Examples of some tasks are: making yourself a coffee, shaving your beard. The task should very easy. It should not be hard for your brain to achieve.

The main reason for doing this is to start building momentum towards the tasks you eventually wanna do.

So, if you did what you told yourself, you will feel happy. You will feel the task was easy and you would want to take more action.

3. Break tasks down:

Breaking tasks down is very important if you want to know how to break out of a lazy rut.

You just can’t say “I want to run 5 kilometers” all of a sudden.

When from the last week all you have been doing is sitting on your couch and watching tv.

Sure, you might run the 5 kilometers but you will stop doing after a few days because it feels hard.

It’s better to say “I am gonna only wear my running clothes and go out of my house”. This way, the task will be much easier and when you go outside, you’d already be running. You’d also notice that you didn’t have to make your brain run forcefully.

The Whole point of breaking tasks down is to have less resistance.

After gaining some momentum, keep on breaking tasks down. It will help you to gain more momentum.

4. Give your brain rewards:

Now, this point contradicts 2nd and 3rd point a little bit. But you need to understand, you can’t force your brain out of a rut.

Think it like this, From the last month, all you have been doing is binge-watching movies, you just cant focus on your uni assignment for 16 hours all of a sudden. And even if you wanted to, you’ll be back at where you were in a few days.

You need to start small, give your brain some rewards by doing the things you love for the actions you take.

5. Progressive workload:

Progressive workload is very important if you want to know how to get out of a lazy rut.

Slowly increase your workload. When you’ll take small actions, it will ignite good feelings. You’ll feel good and think “I completed some tasks I told my brain to do”.

This good feeling will automatically motivate you to act more but remember, you have to progressively increase your workload.

If you wrote 2 assignments today, you just can’t increase your goal to write 30 assignments next week.

Slowly increase the number of assignments, make it 5 next week. The point is not to overburden yourself. You have got to make the task look less daunting.

6. Look at your goals:

In this article, how to get out of a rut, this image shows that goals are necessary. Goals will help you to get out of an unmotivated rut.

If for some reason, the above points don’t work for you, goals can be the ideal way to spark motivation. Knowing what you truly want to achieve in life is the ultimate motivation.

Write your goals down, place it near yourself so that you can have a glance at them every now and then.

If you have not written your goals, write them down by the SMART METHOD. Until and unless you have not written your goals and they aren’t placed next to you, they won’t work.

how to get out of an unmotivated rut? write goals.


To know how to get out of a rut quickly, one should slowly start building momentum. Complete small tasks, It could be cleaning your bed or even going out for a walk. Once you complete them, they will give you constructive momentum. And if you keep on increasing your workload progressively and give yourself enough rewards to not burn yourself out, you will learn how to get out of a rut.

I hope you liked this article.

Stay tuned for more because I post self improvement/ self development blogs everyday.

See you tomorrow.

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