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How To Concentrate On Studies For Long Hours

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Nowadays, many students complain that they don’t know how to concentrate on studies for long hours. They’ll get distracted because of many reasons.

Some of the common reasons are: my thoughts are all over the place, the task looks daunting, Study is boring, I get irritated after some time.

The majority of the students struggle with focus. So, in this blog, I will be explaining 6 practical points which will tell you how to concentrate on studies for long hours

But before that you need to understand this:

You might have seen high scorers that study less and achieve more. You also would have seen students that work very hard but still do not score more than the toppers.

Why is that so?

That is because the quality of the time spent by the toppers is always better than the quantity of the time spent.

So, keeping that in mind, this brings us to our topic:

How to concentrate on studies for long hours?

1. Make it harder for yourself to check your phone:

In this blog how to concentrate on studies for long hours, this picture represents a phone which is far away. one should know this method to focus on studies without getting distracted

If your smartphone is far away from you, you will have to get up from your study table and walk far to get the phone. This provides discomfort, our brain hates discomfort. The more uncomfortable you can make yourself to reach your phone or use the distracting apps, the lesser you will get distracted.

When I study, I switch my phone off, uninstall all the distracting apps, and place it in the next room.

This makes it harder for my brain to get distracted because to use my phone I have to get up, go to the next room, switch on my phone, install the apps, which is a pain in itself. Our brain avoids pain.

This helps me a lot to not get distracted.

how to improve concentration?

make it harder for yourself to reach your and the distracting apps.

2. Avoid Burnouts:

In the blog, how to concentrate on studies for long hours, this image demonstrates a man who is burned out. Students should know how to concentrate on studies for long hours without getting distracted

let’s assume you are learning a chapter of home science for 2 hours now and you are starting to lose your concentration. You feel like getting up.

It’s better to take a break for 10-15 minutes, go for a walk or even do what you like in that 15 minutes. That break will get your mind refreshed and you will be back on track.

It’s better to stop studying and take a break once you start feeling drained.

3. Break tasks down:

In this article’s topic, how to concentrate on studies, Breaking tasks down comes in 3rd place. Whenever you study, it’s important to break the tasks down. It will make the task look less daunting.

If I said, “For the next month, you will study 10 hours a day”. How easy does this sound?

Chances are you’d say “its not achievable every day, i cant focus on studies 10 hours every single day for the next month”

Now let’s make this task easier. Instead of viewing your day as 24 hours, divide your day into small sessions. So, 4 sessions of 2.5 hours. The task looks much easier now right?

How to improve concentrate on studies for long hours?

Break the task down. As simple as that.

4. Write the goals you want to achieve every day:

in this blog, how to concentrate on studies for long hours, writing goals everyday is an important point. this image tells us to develop focus, we should write goals

Always write your next day’s goals. What that will do is, you would feel less confused when you start your day. You would exactly know the things you want to achieve, the tasks you need to complete.

This method will not only teach you how to concentrate on studies but will also teach you what steps you need to take every day.

You’ll feel much more concentrated on studies.

5. Take a Result Oriented approach:

In this blog, how to concentrate on studies for long hours, this image represents result oriented approach.
Result oriented approach helps us to concentrate on studies

Before starting any task, keep in mind, what is the result you are looking for.

Let me explain this by giving an example:

If a student wants to achieve 80% marks, he shouldn’t be overworking, he shouldn’t be learning each and every line of a chapter.

Know what you want to achieve. Judge the correctness of a decision based on the outcome.

This will make studying more fun for you

6. Use 80/20 rule:

Focus on tasks that are more important and give 80% of the results rather than focusing on tasks that give fewer results.

Let me explain this:

Imagine you were given a book to read. The total pages in the book are 500. There are total of 20 chapters in the book and at the end of each chapter, there is a summary.

Now, according to 80/20 rule:

Learning from the summary will be 20% of the hard work. It will give you 80% of the results as it will take less time to learn the important parts.

Whereas if you were to study each and every page, it will consume a lot of time. You would have to work so hard to get to the important information.

Get my point?


Students often ask me How to concentrate on studies for long hours without getting distracted, how to improve concentration. I always tell them, work smart, it will make the tasks more fun. You’d enjoy the tasks more and stay concentrated.

I hope you liked this article, I post self-improvement blogs every day, see you tomorrow.

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