In this blog, how to be fluent in english in 1 month, this image represents a person who has achieved english fluency

How to be fluent in English in 1 month

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So, you want to know how to be fluent in English in 1 month? You might be even questioning, Is this even possible?

Let me tell you, It is possible.

You can develop English fluency in 1 month.

But for that, you need to be at an intermediate level.

I was able to develop my English fluency in 1 month because I was at an intermediate level.

By an intermediate level, I mean a level where a learner knows how to speak but is struggling with getting his points across.

In this blog, I will teach you how to be fluent in English in 1 month.

Before I tell you the ways, you need to take a major step.

For 1 month you have to solely focus on practicing English. There has to be no wastage of time. Hanging out with friends, wasting time watching TV/Youtube/Netflix is not allowed.

Distractions will eat half of your time and energy. You need to be very much focused.

When I was doing this 1-month challenge, I solely focused on practicing English. I only took breaks to take rest. It was hard but the results were worth it. So, remove all the distractions.

And also, you don’t need to join an institute to learn English. Practicing at home by yourself is enough.

So now that’s out of the way, let me tell you how to be fluent in English in 1 month.

1. Reading:

In this blog, how to be fluent in english in 1 month, this image represents a girl reading a book. Reading is a way if anyone wants to know how to improve english speaking skills quickly at home

Reading is important if you want English fluency. You may ask how?

The answer is: Reading allows your brain to understand how the author has represented his ideas. How he has formed sentences.

You have to observe sentence formation when you read. Reading will leave a note of sentence formation in your subconscious mind.

Now, you may ask what to read?

Read what you like. Avoid reading magazines, books, blogs that you don’t enjoy. Reading boring material will make it harder for you to continue.

If you still somehow struggle to maintain focus when you do the challenge, read this article I have written on self-discipline. It will help you a lot with staying disciplined.

2. Writing:

In this blog, how to be fluent in english in 1 month, a person is writing. Writing is one way to achieve english fluency

Write every day. 45 to 60 minutes of writing every day is decent enough. You can also do more if you want.

What we think is what we write. Writing is basically our thoughts. So, by writing you can look at your thoughts and correct them if you find any mistakes. So, when you will speak, you will explain the thoughts correctly.

Always review what you have written so that you spot the wrong sentence formation in the way you think.

3. Listening:

In this blog, How to be fluent in english in 1 month, a person is listening to native english speakers. Listening is one way to reach english fluency.

Listen to native English speakers. By listening attentively to native English speakers, your subconscious mind will observe how they explain their thoughts.

4. Speaking:

In this article, how to be fluent in english in 1 month, this image represents two people speaking to each other. Practicing speaking will teach you how to be fluent in english

Speaking is where most of us lack. To develop fluency, you have to speak to more and more people. There is no other way around it.

Writing, listening and, reading will help you with your English fluency but until and unless you don’t apply the knowledge by speaking to people, you will struggle with fluency.

Try to speak with people as much as you can. At first, it will be hard because your words will be all over the place. But as time goes on, soon you will have your first fluent English conversation.

But, where to find English speaking partners?

You can try apps like Cambly and italki.

Cambly is a little on the expensive side. But if you have the budget then go for it. With Cambly, you can talk to native English teachers who will help you with speaking practice.

Italki is on the cheaper side. I myself have used italki. With italki, you will not only find native English teachers but also language partners. You are can interact with them for free.

Similarly, there are many sites where you can connect with native English speakers. Discord and Omegle are some of them.

My story:

I took the one month challenge to work on my English fluency. During that time, I was solely focused on being fluent. I read books and wrote for 1-2 hours every day.

I listened to native speakers for 4-5 hours and spoke to natives on discord for 5+ hours every day. I became friends with so many native English speakers.

It was hard to speak at first because I was hesitating. But as time went on, I started being more and more comfortable with the language and the hesitation went away.

I am sure that this story will give you insights on how to speak fluent English without hesitation.


People ask me how to improve English speaking skills quickly at home, how to be fluent in English in 1 month. I always tell them to focus on reading, writing, listening, and most importantly speaking. It helped me to become fluent and it will teach you how to be fluent in English.

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