In this article, how to avoid using phone too much, this image shows a guy using a smartphone in the gym. It shows that he has a smartphone addiction

How to Avoid Using Phone Too Much

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How to avoid using phone too much? How to reduce phone usage?

These are the questions youth struggle with nowadays. People are stuck in a vicious cycle of smartphone addiction. And they don’t know how to get out of it.

Last year, I was struggling with smartphone addiction as well. I used to watch YouTube all day to avoid boredom. Hours would go by but I would want to watch more and more videos. This temptation of wanting pleasure kept on increasing.

I took numerous steps to get over phone addiction but they didn’t help. Eventually, I figured out how the brain works which lead me breaking my phone addiction.

In this blog, I will teach you how to avoid using phone too much and will share with you the exact steps I take to this day to avoid digital distractions.

Let us start…

1. Don’t keep your smartphone near you

In this article, how to avoid using phone too much, this image tells us one should keep smartphones away if they way to overcome smartphone addiction

You see, Our brain forces us to do things that we find comfortable. We all know, our brain seeks pleasure and avoids pain. By keeping smartphone away, we make it hard for ourselves to access it.

When I waking up, I check important emails on my phone. I then switch my phone off.

My main aim is to make it difficult for me to access the apps.

After I switch off my phone, I get zero urges. Yes, you heard it right. I don’t get any urge to check my phone. Also, I uninstall the apps that waste my time. So, whenever I feel like using them, I have to install them again.

There were times where I re-installed the apps. But, I made sure to uninstall them.

This cycle of re-installing the apps, again and again, went on for a few weeks till I stopped installing them completely.

If you make it hard for yourself to access distractions, you will learn how to reduce phone usage.

2. Disable Notifications

In this article, how to avoid using phone too much, this image tells us to disable notifications to overcome digital distractions

Going into the settings and disabling the notifications will help you a lot. Notifications stop you from breaking phone addiction.

Apps like Instagram, Facebook will ping you with notifications about your Instagram post so that the app remains in your subconscious head. By disabling the notifications, you will forget to check Instagram, Facebook, and, YouTube.

Back in the day, every morning, I used to check important Emails on my smartphone. During that time, I used to get Instagram notifications because the notifications were not disabled. Notifications made me leave my important work for checking Instagram. After disabling the notifications, my mind was very stable and didn’t wander off.

3. Dopamine Detox:

In this article, how to avoid using phone too much, this image tells us about a concept called dopamine detox. One should abandon using phone forever if they want to get over phone addiction

When we do something pleasurable, our brain releases a chemical called dopamine.

When we watch YouTube videos, our brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is released when we do the things we like.

Dopamine detox is where you quit all the pleasurable stuff that releases dopamine and do the boring task. Since you don’t allow yourself to get dopamine from Instagram, Youtube, your brain releases dopamine from doing the boring tasks.

Yes, Dopamine is released after you complete boring tasks. But in smaller amounts. By making a habit of generating dopamine from boring tasks, our mind starts to love boring tasks.

Important Note: You have to quit using your phone and start doing boring tasks. Remember, we have to generate dopamine from boring tasks, not from your phone.

Think like this…If you love to eat in a five-star restaurant every day, you won’t eat homemade food. But if all the five-star restaurants disappeared, you won’t mind eating homemade food.

How to stop using phone? Try doing Dopamine Detox.

4. Start slow

In this article, how to avoid using phone too much, this image tells us to start slow when we do dopamine detox.

Make a goal to quit using your phone for a day. It is achievable and it won’t drive you crazy.

When I started doing dopamine detox, I decided to not use my phone for 2-3 weeks. It made me so crazy that I stopped doing it after 10 days. Eventually, I decided to only do the challenge for a day. I was surprised by how easy it became. I tried doing it for 1 more day and I did it.

Slowly, I stopped using smartphones for weeks and it didn’t drive me crazy. Now, I can go months without checking my phone. So, it’s important to start slow. Slowly increase the days.

This will break your habit of spending too much time on your cell phone.


To know how to avoid using phone too much:

1. Keep your smartphones away

2. Disable the notifications

3. Do the Dopamine Detox Challenge

4. Start slow with the Dopamine Detox Challenge

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